Are you looking for the best casino where you can play online roulette? Then you’ve come to the right place. With this article we’d like to help you find out how to play online game, further we’ll explain how to find the best online game for money. Nowadays, more and more gamblers are choosing to play at online casino sites. Since in the comfort of your own home, you can easily make a bet. The best online roulette casino is also very safe and safe gaming has become more and more the standard due to better regulations.

Also, for players who prefer the real casino feeling, there is an option to play at online casino, namely live game. This involves playing a live version of the game, where a real live croupier spins the roulette wheel. At the live casino the chance of winning is equal to the real casino, such as casino in the Malaysia. So you don’t have to worry about an artificial RNG being unfair. In the remainder of this article you can read more about what to look for when looking for roulette online Malaysia and the different variations of roulette.

The different varieties of game you can play

The avid game players among us, will probably already be familiar with the different variations of roulette. But for those who aren’t, here’s a list of the different variations of roulette. Maybe it will help you later when playing online.

American roulette


The American roulette is a form of game that works almost the same as the European roulette. The only difference is that in the American version there is one additional green slot for the casino, the 00. Furthermore, in American roulette everyone plays with their own color of chip.

As a player you can determine what the value of the chip is by telling the croupier beforehand. Finally, the order of the numbers on the cylinder is different in the American roulette. However, American and European roulette both have the same red and black numbers.

European roulette

The European roulette is also known as the French roulette since it originates from France. This form of game is often considered the “queen of casino games” because it was one of the first games you could play in the casino. It is a classic game that is still widely played and not only by Europeans, but all over the world. Probably many of you have played a round of European roulette at the casino. It is one of the easiest games of chance to learn. The chip must be placed on a green space where you think the ball is going to fall. In comparison to the American roulette, the European roulette has only one green space with 0, which means that there is less chance for the casino to win.

French roulette

Another name of the European roulette is also called French. Both variations of game are identical to each other. But since it is a popular game among many Europeans, it is also called European roulette.

Although most of the rules are still known in French such as la partage or en prison.

Live dealer

If you are looking for the real experience in your own home, then you can always turn to the live online game for money. Here you can play online with a real croupier. The game is streamed by the online casino and then you can click on what you want to bet on. Since you’re playing on an actual table, you can simply use your game strategies that you use in the casino as online strategies. One of our favorite live games is lightning roulette, a combination of an RNG table and a live table from the studio in one game. Lightning roulette was only recently launched in 2018, but it is already hugely popular with many Europeans. If you are interested in this game, you can easily find it on the internet, its website is also available in Malaysia.

The best roulette casinos

Below you’ll see a list of 5 points we look for when looking for the best online casinos. Only the best casino can tick off all 5 points. So if you have found a new online casino and they do not meet the following 5 points, be aware that it may not be a reliable casino site. We will also give you a few recommended online gambling sites, where you can play for money with confidence. We base our advice on the casino online , as they are the only licensed casino in the Malaysia. With this, we want to show that we only use the most reliable sources available.

Welcome bonus and no deposit bonus

First of all, we will talk about online casino offers, as only the best roulette casino has a wide range of offers. A common bonus is the welcome bonuses, where new players get a little something extra when they play at an online casino for the first time. This allows you to play free game, for example, and win money at the casino’s expense. Always pay attention to whether free games are available, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity to play for free. Next is the no deposit bonus, this is also only found at the best online casinos in the Malaysia. It’s a bonus that you receive without having to deposit money at an online casino first.


Normally there is no roulette jackpot, since there is no top prize to be won. At the Casino in the Malaysia, you could sometimes play with a special chip, which you could only use on the single numbers on the game table. If you guessed the right number you get a special prize. Only the best online roulette casino has this option too, where you can play online casino game with a special prize. You could think of this special prize as a kind of Jackpot so to speak. This Jackpot can be anything from extra high payouts to all inclusive vacations to a tropical country.

Loyalty program

If online roulette, is your favorite game and you are looking for one online casino where you can play all your table games for a longer period of time. Then it’s very important that before you start playing roulette online you first check what kind of loyalty program is available. Since you plan to spend a lot of time playing casino for real money, it’s important that to know how the online casino treats its regular players.

Online Casino Roulette

Loyalty programs are extra bonuses for returning visitors. Only the best real money online gambling sites can offer you a good loyalty program. Then if you have been playing at an online casino for a while, you can be invited to game for high rollers. This opportunity is only for the best players.


Perhaps the most important point in this list is the licenses. The best online roulette casino is always licensed by a recognized gambling commission. In Europe this is usually the Malta Gaming Authority and in the United States it is usually the National Indian Gaming Commission. If an online roulette casino holds an iGaming license, you can rest assured that the casino makes the payouts and that there are fair chances to win.

Software providers

Finally, there are the software providers of online games. In most cases real money gambling sites do not have its own games, but you play the games of a software provider. So how a game plays or how the system is structured is determined by the supplier. If a game is from a recognized vendor, it means that the system is set up fairly and there are for players, realistic chances to win. One of the first software providers of online gambling games is Net Entertainment, also known as NetEnt for short.

Playing on your mobile phone

Nowadays the best way to gamble online is with your own phone. Everyone has a smartphone these days and sometimes the mobile versions work much better compared to the browser versions. Many of the popular table games are also available as mobile apps, like lightning roulette for the live casino lovers. You can find this app in the Google Play App Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. So if you are traveling a lot for work, by train or bus for example, the mobile casino app is the ideal option for a quick and short bet.

Withdrawing and depositing at the casino

In this section we’d like to talk about depositing and withdrawing money at the online roulette casino. At the best online casinos you can always play online roulette and deposit money easily.

Our roulette tips for you

Like you, we’re also avid gamblers who spend a lot of time playing roulette online. That’s why we want to share with you some of our secret game strategies to win the bet as much as possible. Firstly roulette bets and winnings, in roulette of course the rule is if you bet more you also win more. With this concept you can use the Martingale strategy. It is a simple principle, you always increase your bet when you lose and you only bet on even/even or red/black. When you lose you start again from the beginning. This tactic works best for table games with a low minimum bet and a high maximum bet. The opposite of Martingale strategy is Paraboli strategy, where you increase your bet every time you win.